Jill Duggar's Controversial Parenting Technique Has People Freaking Out

Jill with Derick and Israel Dillard

Now that Jill and Derrick Dillard are about to become parents again, it seems like it's just about that time to start questioning their decisions! After a recent interview with TLC, fans are upset with Jill and Derrick's parenting methods ... including the legendary blanket training.


In the interview, Jill and Derrick are talking about how Israel is growing, and at first, it seems pretty normal. They're thrilled at his development, they love being parents, he's learning manners -- all normal toddler stuff. But then, Derrick points out how manipulative Israel is, because of his "human nature." 

It's a little weird, yes, but it's already caused fans on Facebook to totally lose it on them -- particularly for their "focusing on training vs. nurturing the kid," as The Hollywood Gossip points out. Remember the controversy surrounding the Duggars' blanket training method, where they put the baby on a blanket and train him or her to obey the parents? 

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Plus, fans are bringing up a few good points here. Human nature isn't something you can pull out of a kid -- or anyone, honestly -- and fighting it isn't going to get them anywhere. And with a second on the way, these two are likely in for a reality check. 

Besides, Israel's brand of "manipulation" sounds pretty cute, since he likes to tell his parents he loves them before he asks for what he wants. Could be worse, Derrick! 

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