Kim Kardashian's Unairbrushed Butt Photos Are All Anyone Can Talk About

kim kardashian at the promise premiere
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Holy moly! While enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Mexico, Kim Kardashian showed off her unairbrushed butt in a thong. And all we can think is: Take that, haters. 


Kim is currently on a girls' trip with the women she calls "The Calabasas Mom Crew." The usuals -- Larsa Pippen, Brittny Gastineau, Malika Haqq, Stephanie Shepherd, and Hrush Achemyan -- are all there. The trip seems to mainly consist of the women donning bikinis and frolicking around on the beach all day (what good girls' trip doesn't?). But of course, the paparazzi is tracking Kim's every move. 

One of the photos published of Kim features her in a black thong bikini bottom and ripped T-shirt that's been tied at the waist. The photos of Kim's butt have people talking because while Kim's waist and stomach are super small and toned, her butt looks rounder than usual and, to be honest, not proportional. The unairbrushed photos of Kim's bum also seem to have the world divided.

Some people (hi!) think Kim looks great:

Others, meanwhile, are calling the mom of two out on the "bumpy" nature of her behind, which may indicate she's had some work done.

 twitter kim k

twitter kim k

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Whether she's "too thin" or "too big," Kim's body always gets people talking, so this controversy certainly doesn't come as a surprise. But there are a few seriously rude comments on Twitter directed at the Selfish author. It's one thing to make a remark about a public figure on social media, it's quite another to fat shame. Not cool. 

Love her or hate her, Kim is always going to elicit some kind of reaction from people. But hopefully these people can keep in mind that Kim is an actual human being who can read what they write online. She may be rich, gorgeous, and famous, but damn. The woman's not impervious to nasty comments.  

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