Ben Seewald Slams Christians Who Don't Agree With His Way of Thinking

Ben Seewald

When you're part of family that has been repeatedly and mercilessly slammed by much of the world for your conservative, Christian ways, why exactly would you go about slamming followers of another conservative, Christian religion? You'd have to ask Ben Seewald that one.


Apparently he has a big problem with Catholics, and he's hell-bent on letting the world know about it.

In an Instagram post this week, Seewald posted a picture of a book titled The Roman Catholic Controversy: Catholics & Protestants—Do the Differences Still Matter? by an author known for his anti-Catholic beliefs.

James R White Roman Catholic Controversy

The caption reads:

About halfway through reading this. Dr. James White has debated many of the top Roman Catholic apologists and his highly knowledgeable on the real issues that, yes, still matter today. This is essential because many have no idea what the REAL issues actually are between Catholics and Protestants. He goes to great lengths to fairly and accurately represent the Roman Catholic arguments, which is essential to any respectful and honorable debate. Excellent read thus far, and I'm looking forward to finishing.

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It's great if Ben wants to read up on theology, but the post and his language reek of a bit of righteousness, no? Commenters were quick to slam him for it too.

@mindylavigneburt wrote: "wouldn't it be awesome if you were as awesome as you think you are??? Seriously grow up and get off your high horse!"

"Put the "good book" down, stop judging other people and doctrines (under the ruse of concern), keep your desire to righteously believe your understandings are the truest, and work on your own relationship with God," stated @isisavencheria.

This isn't the first time he's gone after Catholics either. Back in 2014, Seewald published a Facebook rant in which he slammed Catholics pretty hard. It read in part: "Where my Catholic friends adhere to God's Word, I adhere. Where They depart from Scripture, I will no way support, but will call them out because I love them and desire that they be turned from their deadly errors."

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The post was later deleted, but clearly these are his views and he hasn't changed them. That's fine, and religious beliefs are often deeply held, but there are ways to express your beliefs and debate various theologies without offending people. His posts come off a little too I'm-right-and-you're-wrong, whether he intends them to be or not.

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The world needs more understanding, not judgment, and the Duggars in particular should know all about how being judged feels. Ben posting self-righteous messages like this just opens them up for even more judgment, which in this case, Ben, at least, may deserve. 

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