Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Isn’t Going According to Plan

pippa middleton

Poor Pippa Middleton. Her wedding may not be going according to plan at all. Reports have it that her May 20 nuptials to James Matthews may be open (gasp) to the public … or at least to members of St. Mark's Church Englefield in Berkshire.


The Church of England reportedly recently published guidelines regarding celebrity weddings (and what is Pippa if not a celebrity?) that state, "a marriage is a public ceremony which at the least all parishioners are entitled to attend." We'd be lying if we said we're not wondering how long it takes to become a parishioner, but we also feel for Pippa.

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There is a caveat, as the guidelines say people can come "as long as there is available seating or standing room unless a genuine question of safety or security arises." Still, the chances of it being a pretty big affair are high, which is exactly what it seems Pippa does not want.

We've heard repeatedly that Pippa and James want to keep things small and intimate. There have even been reports that they have put into place a "no ring, no bring" policy, meaning if you're not married you don't get to bring a plus-one, to keep down on the size. So hordes of strangers watching them say "I do" definitely doesn't jibe with those plans.

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The good news, however, is that the reception will be at her parents' home in Bucklebury, and there they don't have to let anyone in they don't know or want to be there. And really, while the ceremony is special, it's the reception that everyone remembers anyway.

Plus, plenty of brides will tell you about not only wedding plans falling apart but of downright wedding day disasters. While they're never fun, they'll also tell that you in the end, it's not the ceremony or festivities that really matter but the person you're marrying and the love you have for one another ... no matter who may be watching.

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