Jessa Duggar's Son Henry Is Clearly Over Having His Picture Taken -- LOL

Jessa Duggar with husband Ben Seewald and sons Spurgeon and Henry

It hasn't been three months since little Henry Wilberforce Seewald has blessed our lives, and BOY is it always a treat to see him. Unlike his (similarly adorable) older brother Spurgeon, Henry has facial expressions that are everything! Think we're lying? Take a look at Jessa Duggar's latest pic of baby Henry that proves he has the soul of an old man.


Jessa couldn't help put post this oh-so-adorbs pic of sweet Henry on Instagram. "Getting so big!" Mom captions. "Already 2-1/2-months old and almost 16lbs!"

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Henry Seewald

Just look at that face!! Henry is sooo over photos and is unashamed, hahaha. He looks like he's in the middle of watching Sesame Street and doesn't want to be interrupted by anyone for any reason at all.

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Man, we love this child and all the many faces he serves us. This is simply cuteness on overload that definitely helps make our day brighter.

Keep these sweet moments coming, Jessa!

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