Kourtney & Kim Kardashian Let It All Hang Out on the Beach in Mexico

kim kourtney kardashian

The Kardashians aren't afraid to show us some of their most intimate moments, through those images are often filtered and through a curated eye on Instagram. So when we saw these unedited pics taken of Kourtney and Kim Kardashian on the beach, we were even more amazed not just of their beauty, but of their ability to just let go and have fun.


The sisters were in Mexico with friends Brittny Gastineau, Malika Haqq, and Larsa Pippen over the weekend. And of course, the paparazzi was there, too, snapping pics of the ladies as they vacationed. These photos have no airbrushing, no forced angles, just the real Kim and the real Kourt -- and they look incredible. They are having a blast and they DGAF what anyone thinks.  

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Why we love this so much is because so much is made of these women's bodies -- we should really say that so much focus and attention is on ALL women's bodies. We face an intense amount of pressure to look a certain way. But we are here to say that we are all shapes. All sizes. And we are all damn gorgeous. Some of us have stretch marks and cellulite and every bit of us is perfect just the way we are. This is what we need to rejoice in -- owning it, loving ourselves, and not caring what anyone thinks. This is what we see when looking at these pics. 

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Kourt is caught in a moment probably post-swim when her bathing suit top rode up just a bit (been there -- hasn't this happened to everyone who has ever worn a bikini?). And Kim is just soaking in the rays while in the surf. No editing needed. The ladies are carefree, having fun with their friends, and we hope they feel as good as they look -- happy, healthy, and amazing. 

We should also point out that running your pics through a filter is no big deal either. If it makes you feel good, then go for it. Have fun with it all. But don't lose sight that you are also beautiful just the way you are -- the real you.

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