Kourtney Kardashian's Joke About Having a 'Mental Breakdown' Goes Horribly Wrong

kourtney kardashian
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Kourtney Kardashian has found herself in some trouble with fans all because of what she chose to write on an Instagram post -- and what she was wearing. Kourtney's words, which were believed to be a joke, were callous and her coat was fur. People pounced.


Kourt shared this photo with "me after a mental breakdown" written on top. As I write this, the pic has over 852,000 likes but also a lot of comments about how mental illness is nothing to joke about, and many are appalled by her choice of wearing fur.  

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Kourtney Kardashian fur

Now the fur could be fake or something Kris owned in the '70s, but the words are hurtful for those suffering mental illness and many are criticizing Kourt for using them in this way. There are a few who give Kourt the benefit of the doubt and wonder if she really did have a mental breakdown, while some cannot believe a woman of her status could have one in the first place.

See what happened there? Things got ugly. And that's the real problem.

Mental illness doesn't just affect people who are poor or middle-class -- it doesn't discriminate. And we cannot assume things about someone if we don't know the whole story. Kourt put one pic up on Instagram and so many people pounced without knowing the whole deal. But no matter how public she and the Kardashians are, we will never really know everything. And we shouldn't. 

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This is why kindness is the answer every single time. Empathy. Understanding. Compassion. Kourtney is a human being, one with feelings; she is someone's daughter, sister, and mother. She, just like all humans of this world, deserves respect, not hateful words. And if her words were used in jest, we should give her time to react. But when so many of the comments were hateful, we also cannot expect her to say anything on the matter -- no one wants to fuel the flames of hate. I would guess that if what she wrote wasn't meant to be hurtful, she learned from it -- she's a smart woman who has never been the type to do harm intentionally. 

Hopefully everyone can use this as a lesson. We should always practice kindness, even if someone makes a mistake.

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