Kate Middleton's Reaction to Prince William Getting Splashed in the Face Is Everything

William, Kate, Harry
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The royal family is committed to supporting wonderful causes, but that doesn't mean that each member is loving every moment of volunteering. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince Harry, cheered on runners at the Sunday's London Marathon and even went so far as to hand out water to thirsty athletes. But Kate Middleton looked less than pleased when Prince William got squirted (accidentally, we hope!) in the face with a stream of water.


The usually unflappable duchess, who's known for her priceless expressions (who could forget her eye-roll!?), is making a real "mom face" and appears as if she'd like to put someone in the naughty chair.

We can't help but wonder how often Prince George and Princess Charlotte see their mom make this face, LOL. We love that she's so protective of her prince.

Take a peek:

Kate Middleton Prince William splashed with water

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Fortunately, Prince William seems to take it all in stride and has a laugh at his own expense, which just makes him that much more endearing to us. 

Plus, the royal trio was there in support of the mental health campaign Heads Together, which they founded and was the official sponsor of the marathon. So it really wouldn't jibe for the 34-year-old prince to lose his cool and throw a temper tantrum over getting splashed with a little water. 

Here's a look at the way the royals really got behind the cause that's so close to the heart: 

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Will, Harry, and Kate have been extremely candid about the importance of removing the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. Just recenly, Harry opened up about how profoundly losing his mom at such a young age impacted him, while Kate shared that motherhood can often make you feel lonely and isolated.

This attitude is such a welcome departure from the past "stiff upper lip" mentality of generations ago. It really humanizes the royal family and makes them so much relatable, which in turn, hopefully, will ensure that their message is heard by those who need it. 

And, if you take a little water in the face in the name of a worthy cause, so be it, right? 

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