Kim Kardashian's Virgin Mary Emoji Has People Absolutely Livid

kim kardashian in see-through tank top
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Can a woman live? Less than a day after Kim Kardashian was chastised for touting the flu as an "amazing diet," the mom of two is under fire again. This time fans are slamming Kim for her Virgin Mary emoji, which, you guessed it, features Kim as the Virgin Mary herself. Hey, it's called Kimoji, not Maroji. 


Kim released the emoji on her Kimoji Instagram page, and, not surprisingly, people are pissed

kim kardashian kimoji virgin mary

"She's gonna burn in hell," one user wrote, while another demanded that "SOMEONE REPORT THIS PLEASE!" And yet another offered Kim a soliloquy, saying, "This is beyond disrespectful and a disgrace. And you're even selling it as a candle. Smh. lol you speak about police brutality, politics, and gun control when you're disrespecting a religious group. Millions on this planet are catholic. This isn't art, this isn't being 'creative.' This is pathetic and low. If you want to give back to the community and be a positive impact on society take this down, apologize, and go to a cathedral, learn, educate yourself and your kids before you offend millions."

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Adding insult to injury, the emoji is also animated, blurring in a psychedelic way, which made people think she was posting it in honor of 4/20, aka International Weed Day. The hits keep coming. 

Kim has done some controversial things in the past, but this could be one of her biggest doozies to date. So far, it doesn't seem like she has any plans on removing the emoji from her app or apologizing for posing as Mary.

But the fans have definitely spoken. Kim, you're on probation. 

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