Kate Middleton Will Be in George's School Drop-Off Line Like Any Regular Mom

Kate and Will
Zak Hussein/Splash News

They really are trying to create the most normal childhood possible for their kids. According to reports, Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning to handle George's school drop-offs on their own.


Prince George is set to start primary school at Thomas's Battersea this fall, near the family's Kensington Palce home. A source let it slip to the Daily Mail that the royal parents are planning to make the daily drive to drop George off every morning.

"It's very important to both of them that George enjoys as normal a childhood as possible, particularly as he settles into a new school, and for them this includes dropping him off at the school gates," the insider explained.

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The royal parents chose the school specifically because they wanted to avoid the elitism that usually goes along with, you know, being a prince. The school is co-ed, instead of the traditional boys-only school that William and Harry attended as children, and is as focused on developing character in children as it is on academics. The school doesn't even allow best friends or cliques of friends, so that all the kiddos can learn to get along and be friendly with one another. 

It was very important for Kate especially, since she grew up as a commoner, that their children not be given the special kid glove treatment. A source confirmed to the Daily Mail, "Kate wants George -- and later Charlotte -- to have the same school experience that she did as a child. Both she and William very much agree on this and think George will be very, very happy [at the school.]"

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are apparently very aware that their presence "might cause a it of a buzz to start with," but they hope that it will eventually die down and just become a normal part of everyday life.

We can't imagine ever not being thrilled to catch a glimpse of Kate and her perfect hair during drop-off and pick-up, but we do appreciate their efforts to raise their kids with at least some degree of normalcy.

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