Josh Duggar's Sex Scandals Are Still Causing Him a Legal Nightmare

Josh and Anna Duggar

Although it seems like Anna Duggar has completely moved on from her husband's multiple sex scandals, not everyone is quite so forgiving. In fact, Josh Duggar is due in court soon over his profile on the notorious infidelity website Ashley Madison.


In 2015, just months after it was revealed that Josh had molested five underage girls as a teenager (including four of his own sisters), he was caught in the Ashley Madison hack with not just one, but two separate profiles. He admitted that he had been unfaithful to his wife Anna, who had just given birth to their fourth child at the time.

In the nearly two years since, Josh spent seven months in a Christian treatment center, and has assimilated back into life on the Duggar homestead in Arkansas. He and Anna are even expecting their fifth child together this summer.

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Despite his best efforts to move on, Josh still has a legal nightmare to deal with, because he didn't use his own photo for his profile picture on the cheating website. Instead, he displayed DJ Matthew McCarthy's photo and tried to pass it off as his own.

Now McCarthy is suing Josh, and despite reported attempts by the Duggar family to settle out of court, he's determined to go to trial over it. He even allegedly wants Josh to testify. Over a photo. For reals. Because apparently it caused him "irreparable harm to his business and reputation."

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Look, we're not saying that this isn't a big deal. It also is a perfect example of how many people Josh hurt with his nefarious deeds. But really? We doubt that the DJ lost business over it. Seriously, we'd be willing to bet he's gotten more business out of this publicity than he lost over Josh using his photo.

It was a dumb, creepy, awful thing to do, for sure. But going to court over this issue just seems like a cry for attention and funds. Dude should settle out of court and call it a day, not for Josh's sake, but for Anna's. That woman has had enough to deal with in the past two years, and now she's pregnant. She doesn't need a frivolous lawsuit on top of everything else.

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