Kim Kardashian's Body Is So Perfect Right Now, Even Khloe Is Bragging About It

khloe kardashian
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Sister motivation! On Wednesday, not long after Kim Kardashian was criticized for touting the flu as an "amazing diet," Khloe posted a sexy photo of Kim to Instagram, citing her older sister as her body motivation. It's unclear if this was Khloe's low-key way of sticking up for Kim or if it was just a random coincidence, but one thing is for sure: Khloe feels super passionate about Kim's body. 


"Well damn," Khloe wrote next to a photo of Kim looking super svelte in leggings and a crop top. "She shut sh-t down!!! Hands down best body ever! Sh-t, I have to get my sh-t together. If this isn't motivation, than I don't know what Is!! Keeks you really look amazing!!!"

Kim does look amazing (as always), but does Khloe Kardashian really need body motivation? She's the body motivation for millions of women already. She even has her own show about having a good body, Revenge Body!

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More likely than not, Khloe just wanted to throw her sister a little love after Kim was called out for her comments about the flu -- and of course, show her off. Good genes obviously run in their family. 

Whatever Kim is doing -- besides barfing -- she should keep it up. She looks great. But Khloe ought to look in the mirror -- or to her Instagram -- because she certainly looks just as good.

And hey, she never even had the flu. 

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