Jessa Duggar Criticized Over Photo of Her Boys -- This Is Insane

Jessa Seewald family

Like many proud parents last weekend, Jessa (Duggar) and Ben Seewald posted a family shot with their kids at church for Easter Sunday. But because they're in the spotlight, of course people had something negative to say, and honestly, we're totally on Ben and Jessa's side here. Some fans were upset that Spurgeon and Henry were barefoot.


No, really, this is an actual thing that some people were concerned about. The Counting On stars have two baby sons, Spurgeon, 17 months, and Henry, 2 months, and they showed off their adorable little tootsies over the weekend.

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Personally, we were distracted by those insanely cute bow ties, but you know, judgers need to find something to get upset about.

Jessa Duggar Easter

Someone commented, "Why do they not have shoes on? The ground is not clean. Use your head Jessa. The boys need to wear shoes when outside."

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Okay, first of all, Henry is 2 months old, so we hardly think he's going to be cruising around barefoot. Second -- who cares? It's Arkansas in April, hardly snowing and 30 below zero. Thankfully, they had a lot of support from other fans, who declared the lack of shoes on the boys to be NBD.

Thank goodness as least some people still have some sanity.

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