15 Times Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Outraged Fans

Tanvier Peart | Apr 19, 2017 Celebrities
15 Times Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Outraged Fans

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

Let's be real: Without the infamous Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, there would be no 19 kids to count, no super addictive Counting On spin-off show, and ... no Duggar kids (or grandkids. or spouses.) at all, for that matter. They are the matriarch and patriarch of this mega famous and ever-growing family, inspiring tough rules, unique traditions, and controversial values that continue to turn heads, get people talking, and yes, even upset their most loyal fans.

As they've demonstrated over and over again, even the heads of one of America's most famous families aren't perfect all the time. But while the thought of papa and mama Duggar saying or doing anything deemed truly "outrageous" doesn't necessarily move us to clutch our pearls, over the many years they've been in the spotlight, there have definitely been some super shady actions that had Duggar fans giving these parents the side-eye.

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From controversial political statements to some seriously questionable parenting decisions, we rounded up all the times Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar had fans shaking their heads and starting up an Internet firestorm. Here are 15 times Jim Bob and Michelle annoyed, frustrated, disappointed, and even enraged some of their biggest fans.


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