Kim Kardashian's Family Easter Photo Needs No Caption at All

kim kardashian
Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

As gorgeous as it gets. On Sunday, Kim Kardashian shared an Easter photo of her family, and, from the looks of things, she and Kanye are as rock solid as ever. Also, North and Saint have gotten so big. Talk about utterly adorable kiddos. 


Kim simply captioned the photo "Easter 2017," and really, she didn't need more than that. This is one speaks for itself. 

kim kardashian easter family photo

Everyone looks ridiculously gorgeous (shocker), and it's just so nice to see the Wests doing something normal and family-oriented. This must have been a happy day for everyone after the crazy few last months. Less drama, more Easter eggs.  

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North looks like such a little lady in her dress and choker -- and props to Kim for finding a pair of fuzzy slide-ons just like hers. Also: How cute is Saint?!?! He is, quite possibly, at the cutest baby age right now. It's impossible to look at him and not want to squeeze him!

Hopefully, 2017 will bring nothing but peace, positive vibes, and family fun for Kim, Kanye, and their kids. After Kim's Paris robbery, Kanye's hospitalization, and the crazy gossip that followed, it's high time they exhale and enjoy their fabulous life. 

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