Josiah Duggar Lets It Slip That 'Counting On' Isn't as Real as We Thought

Duggar brothers

Bless his heart. Josiah Duggar may have just accidentally revealed that Counting On is basically a staged show. In an interview with TLC, the 20-year-old commented on how filming has changed the way his family lives ... and what he had to say was pretty telling.


Josiah and Joseph, 20, both sat down for the interview to describe some behind-the-scenes stuff for the show. Josiah said that he especially enjoys all the wedding prep stuff, which is a good thing, since there seems to be a lot of that happening. Jinger got married last November, and Joy-Anna just got engaged, so you know that's coming up soon.

Anyway, Josiah said, "I really enjoy just the whole wedding preparation ... Just being behind the scenes and all the craziness of the family working together. It's hard, but we really enjoy working those things together." But that's not what got us thinking that the show is fake.

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After being asked how their lives have changed since being televised, he admitted that it's "changed the way we live." He explained, "We walk through a door, okay, hey, we gotta walk through it again, we didn't do it the first time."

If they're willing to re-shoot something as mundane as walking through a door, what else do they try to stage?


Last year the Duggar were accused of doing worse than re-shooting scenes -- someone claimed that they were entirely fabricated. On one episode of Counting On, Jinger sold a car that she'd fixed up, but apparently the customer was a friend who hadn't really intended to purchase a new vehicle.

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It's hard to know exactly what the truth is when it comes to reality TV, but honestly, we're not going to call a couple of re-shoots reason to believe the entire series is fake.

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