Kim Kardashian Sparks Controversy After Posting an Instagram About Morning Sickness

kim kardashian
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Guess she didn't learn the first time. Despite the fact that Kim Kardashian got massive amounts of flak for hawking morning sickness meds two years ago when she was pregnant with Saint, the mom of two is at it again. On Thursday, in a truly bizarre #TBT photo, Kim promoted the morning sickness medication Diclegis on her Instagram, touting its benefits. 


When Kim promoted Diclegis the first time around, the Food and Drug Administration wound up issuing a warning letter to the reality star, saying that she failed to provide any information about the drug's risks, which, as anyone as anyone who's ever seen a Latuda, Cialis, or Lyrica commercial knows, is a big no-no. Kim wound up editing her post to both state the drugs risks and inform her followers that the post was sponsored. 

This time around, Kim did her due diligence with the promotion -- resulting in a very long-winded post -- but, not surprisingly, people are still irked. 

kim kardashian

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Shortly after the post went up, Kim's fans were quick to criticize her from everything from doing Big Pharma's dirty work to copying and pasting info from the Diclegis site to hawking a pregnancy product when she's not even pregnant -- unless of course this is some sort of uncouth announcement, which ... #doubtful. 

Kim hasn't responded to the haters and it's seriously unlikely that she ever will or that she'll take the posts down, because odds are she got paaaaid for this. As far as #sp posts go, this is definitely one of the more clunky out there. Only multiple zeroes could justify something like this. 

If people's rude comments really bother Kim, she'll be in touch. Or, you know, she'll completely forget about them and just laugh her curvaceous butt all the way to the bank. 

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