Kate Middleton Has Spent More on Clothes This Year Than Most Do in a Lifetime

kate middleton and prince william
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If you felt guilty the last time you snuck a Merona top into your cart during a Target run, take solace in this: Kate Middleton has spent spent more than $71,000 on her wardrobe -- so far this year. Go ahead, girl, treat yo' self to those Sam & Libby gladiators you've been eyeing. 


Despite the fact that the duchess was once touted as being "thrifty" and "down to earth" for recycling clothing at various events, the Daily Mail is reporting that Kate has had her priciest year yet in terms of her wardrobe. 

Evidently, the duchess spent around $214,400 on her wardrobe last year, but that number reportedly includes items that she already wore in the past. This year, however, Kate has seemed to up her style game a bit, opting for designer duds to the tune of Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Erdem, Alexander McQueen, and Catherine Walker -- one of her faves. 

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Of course, being that it's only April, it's impossible to say for sure that the duchess is going to spend more money on clothes than ever this year, but if she continues on this track, her 2017 wardrobe will definitely wind up being more expensive than last year's. And with a closetful of duds totaling upward of $200,000, that's saying something. 

Naturally, the duchess will -- and has -- received criticism for spending so much money on clothing, but at the end of the day, she also brings in a lot of money, be it from tourism or people looking to emulate her style. Yes, she's smart and gracious and all of those things, but let's be honest here: A good chunk of what makes us want to see Kate so badly is to check out what she's wearing. 

Only time will tell us if this is Kate's most expensive style year to date, but if we were the betting type, we'd say it will be. And with that being said, Kate better bring it (even harder than she has) May through December. 

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