15 Times Kate Middleton Wasn't Camera-Ready

Image: Splash News

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte
Splash News

When people picture this particular royal, they probably think of her gorgeous hair, her bright smile, and her perfect ensembles. But, in reality, there are actually some times when Kate Middleton looked less poised than we're accustomed to seeing her. And, of course, the cameras were ready to capture her priceless expressions because, let's be honest, when is this gorgeous lady not surrounded by photographers? If we really think about it, Kate's cheeks must ache from smiling by the end of the day. She does have one of the most enigmatic and heartwarming smiles in the world, after all. It's only natural that she'd want to take a break from appearing so delightfully good-natured at every moment.


We mean, she does make a lot of public appearances -- is it fair to expect her to look impeccable at every single one? Absolutely not. She is human after all! Plus, we have to remember that dealing with a royal husband and three royal children is quite the handful. But honestly, even though we totally recognize that she is a mere mortal, it can still be pretty funny to see her looking less than perfectly poised. That's probably because 99 percent of the time she looks like a total ethereal beauty -- so it's kind of comforting to know even she has awkward moments.

Check out 15 times the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed letting her regal countenance relax, leaving us wondering what she was really thinking. And we have a feeling "Are we done yet?" has probably crossed this royal's mind more than a time or two. Whether it's her expression or a less than perfect hairstyle, from time to time the duchess has had enough already.

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