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15 Times Kate Middleton Wasn't Camera-Ready

Celebrities Liz Alterman Apr 14, 2017

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte
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When people picture this particular royal, they probably think of her gorgeous hair, her bright smile, and her perfect ensembles. But, in reality, there are actually some times when Kate Middleton looked less poised than we're accustomed to seeing her. And, of course, the cameras were ready to capture her priceless expressions because, let's be honest, when is this gorgeous lady not surrounded by photographers? If we really think about it, Kate's cheeks must ache from smiling by the end of the day. She does have one of the most enigmatic and heartwarming smiles in the world, after all. It's only natural that she'd want to take a break from appearing so delightfully good-natured at every moment.

We mean, she does make a lot of public appearances -- is it fair to expect her to look impeccable at every single one? Absolutely not. She is human after all! Plus, we have to remember that dealing with a royal husband and three royal children is quite the handful. But honestly, even though we totally recognize that she is a mere mortal, it can still be pretty funny to see her looking less than perfectly poised. That's probably because 99 percent of the time she looks like a total ethereal beauty -- so it's kind of comforting to know even she has awkward moments.

Check out 15 times the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed letting her regal countenance relax, leaving us wondering what she was really thinking. And we have a feeling "Are we done yet?" has probably crossed this royal's mind more than a time or two. Whether it's her expression or a less than perfect hairstyle, from time to time the duchess has had enough already.

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1"Can We Go Home?"

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Epsom Derby Meeting at Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey in 2011, but Kate looked like she was ready to head home for the day. Maybe that hat is heavier than it looks?

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2"This Is Going to Be a Long Day"

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the America's Cup World Series in Portsmouth, but she looks like this outing is the last place she wants to be. Perhaps those skinny jeans are making her uncomfortable?

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3"We're Spending Too Much Time Together"

Don't pull out those gorgeous locks, Kate. Things will get better. Will looks like he's trying to stifle a giggle, whereas his wife looks none too pleased -- wish we knew what was really going on here. 

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4"I'm Having What for Dinner?"

Looks like something's shocked the duchess -- and not in a good way. We have confidence Kate will rebound and respond with grace no matter what's going on. 

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5"Do You Want a Time-Out?"

Kate looks like she's had it with the tiny Princess Charlotte. The family had to be jet-lagged, and knowing that the world is waiting to critique her parenting skills had to put quite a strain on the duchess. 

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6"That's Enough Waving, George"

Kate literally has her hands full here, so it's no wonder she's dropped her usual beaming countenance for the moment. Corralling two tots in a foreign country is no easy feat -- especially in heels. 

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7"What's on TV Tonight?"

Kate definitely looks like her mind is wandering. We can't blame her. When you attend this many events, you can't help but space out a bit, we're sure.  

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We wish we knew what Kate was reacting to in this shot taken during her solo trip to the Netherlands. Perhaps someone in the crowd was wearing a funny or obscene T-shirt. 

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9Hop to It!

A fabulously good sport, Kate visited air cadets at RAF Wittering and took part in a personal development training session. Her face seems to say, "Ah, the things I have to put up with for my prince!"

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10"What Is She Wearing?"

During a visit to Paris, it seemed like the style icon was either getting tired or looking surprised by what she's seeing. 

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11"We're Losing, Will. Do Something!"

Kate is leaning in to Prince William as the royal duo watched the RBS Six Nations match between France and Wales at Stade de France in Paris. Looks like Wales might not be doing so well based on Kate's expression. Yikes!

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12"Stay Awake, Kate. Stay Awake!"

Another night, another reception. It looks like Kate is doing her best to keep her eyes wide open. The mom of two is most likely dying to head home and put up her feet!

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13"I'm Sitting Where?"

Kate arrived at opening night of 42nd Street at the Theatre Royal in London and doesn't look too thrilled. Perhaps she didn't get an aisle seat? 

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14"Not So Well-Played"

An expressive spectator, Kate doesn't seem to be loving what she's seeing on the playing field.

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