Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Sneak in a Secret Rendezvous

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Pool/Reuters/Splash News & Rick Davis/Splash News

These two lovebirds can't seem to get enough of each other! Prince Harry was spotted sneaking in a visit with Meghan Markle this week, complete with a duffel bag for an overnight visit and a ball cap to disguise his identity.


As if we wouldn't recognize that adorable mug slipping into the Suits actress's home in Toronto. Harry made the trek across the pond ahead of the Easter weekend to see his girlfriend in Canada, and apparently wanted to keep it on the DL.

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The last time they were seen together was last month in Jamaica, at Harry's best friend's wedding. You know if you're the plus-one at the prince's best friend's wedding, he's serious about you. Especially considering that Meghan reportedly got to spend some quality time with her man's mates, getting to know his inner circle a little better.

They may be opting for some rest and relaxation at home this weekend, but they already have a fair amount of globetrotting under the belt. In addition to Jamaica, the couple have also spent a ton of time out and about in both Toronto and London, and even vacationed in Norway to see the Northern Lights.

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Things seems to be going swimmingly for the pair, and they've been described as "truly in love," and "very serious." In fact, royal watchers wouldn't be surprised at all if an engagement happened sooner rather than later -- and definitely by the end of the year.

It wouldn't surprise us much either. Especially if he can't stand being apart from her for long, and ends up sneaking to Canada and to her home in the dark of night and in disguise, just to see her. Sounds like love to us.

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