Will Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Finally Admit What the Rest of Us Already Know?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
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In another episode of Will They Finally Stop Ducking?, rumors are swirling that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx could be closer to going public with their relationship. (You know, the one they'd like us to think doesn't exist?) And just when we're ready to release the confetti and open a few glasses of rosé, this bit of happy news could simply be yet another dream we wish would come true.


Us Weekly notes "a source close to the couple" has spilled the beans about the supposed four-year romance between Holmes, 38, and Foxx, 49, that the actors have been keeping hush-hush -- including how tired Katie is of "playing the hiding game."

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"[Katie] used to be super worried about public attention," the unnamed source told Us, and now seems ready to enjoy their relationship without taking extra precautions to dodge paparazzi and onlookers -- which is completely understandable considering how annoying that would get over time.

Another "source" also spoke to Us about the lengths Katie and Jamie will go to keep their romance on the DL. "To make it impossible to get photo evidence that they are together, they traveled in cars with tinted windows and took secret back elevators," the reported Holmes-Foxx insider reveals. "They had it down to a science."

Well, seeing how they've been caught together looking ... together ... I would argue it hasn't been that impossible to see Katie and Jamie in their togetherness. (*Wink*)

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I for one am super happy at the thought of knowing Katie and Jamie -- or KayJay, as we might come to nickname this hot couple that's "not dating" -- will walk hand-in-hand, unashamed of what people think or how they'll react.

And, who knows, maybe I'll jump on my couch in a joyous leap should the two of them appear on the red carpet together and catch me off guard. 

Hey, I get excited at the thought of love. Sue me.

(Bad reference?)

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Sadly, it looks like my couch-jumping days may not come anytime soon, as GossipCop.com is calling BS on the Us Weekly story, claiming "sources" close to Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx told the site a public announcement is "not true" and that the pair aren't "making it official."

GossipCop calls BS on Katie Holmes-Jamie Foxx dating story


Sooo, GossipCop.com dispels Us Weekly's "source" report by speaking to their own insiders -- writing "sources close to the situation tell us [news of an upcoming public declaration of love is] wrong." But while these insiders don't seem to flat-out deny that Katie and Jamie are in fact a couple, they want to clarify the two aren't going to make an "impending announcement." Hmm?

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And exactly what "situation" is going on that "sources" would feel the need to speak on and clarify? Aren't we all supposed to believe nothing should be going on in the first place? 

Hmm ...

Obviously, Jamie and Katie are free to do whatever they want and seem to be doing whatever they want. Their relationship -- whether friends, friends with benefits, exclusive couple status, or something new they're considering after dating around -- is none of our business.

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... But deep inside, I still wish these two a world of happiness, and I hope to finally see the day when Katie and Jamie decide to no longer jump through hoops and just let their relationship (or whatever it is) shine.

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