Jinger Duggar Makes Yet Another Questionable Wardrobe Choice

Duggar sisters

Whoops, she did it again. Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo rocked the Internet with her "unladylike" attire once again, giving up her traditional long skirt for a pair of pants. Scandalous!


Jinger made waves several weeks ago by being photographed in shorts alongside her hubby, Jeremy Vuolo, and a Counting On fan. Just an FYI that Jinger's mom, Michelle Duggar, raised all of her (many) daughters to define themselves as women "by choosing to wear dresses and skirts."

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The 23-year-old honored her mom's dress code until she got married, but apparently has fully liberated her legs into shorts and pants now that she's set up house with Jer in Laredo, Texas. A few of Jinge's sisters made a trip to the Lone Star State this week, and while they opted for traditional Duggar skirts, she rocked a cool green pair of pants.

Duggar girls

Cute, right? Just not very Duggar-like! Fans were quick to notice Jinger's departure from dresses and skirts. Several people commented on the above photo, which Jiger posted to her Instagram account, and most of them were really supportive and positive.

One person wrote, "I'm so happy you are being true to yourself and finding your own way. Love the pants ... Be you, Jinger!" Another chimed in, "You look great in pants, Jinger!"

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Of course fans hoping for an answer on the baby question were left wondering, as Jinge didn't wear a tight-fitting top. She could be hiding an itty-bitty baby bump under that T-shirt, but she still looks pretty dang slender to us.

Hey, she's already defied Duggar tradition by ditching the long flowy skirts ... maybe she and Jeremy have decided to wait a little while before adding a munchkin to the mix. Stranger things have happened.

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