15 Celebs Reveal What They Hate About Being Pregnant

Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Port, Kim Kardashian
James Higgins/Splash News; David Acosta/Image Press/Splash; Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

The wild ride of pregnancy is definitely unique for everyone. While some women fully embrace their baby bump, the cravings, and all the other quirks that go along with creating a tiny human, others aren't as excited about those long nine months. And, of course, celeb moms-to-be are no different when it comes to loving, hating, or feeling something in between about the journey.


When you think about it, expectant moms do go through a complete mental and physical change that affects every woman in various ways. And while you do get a beautiful baby at the end, it's no wonder that some moms aren't exactly fans of how they feel in the process.

From developing serious health conditions to getting the "itchies" and other uncomfortable side effects, these celeb moms and moms-to-be aren't afraid to get real and admit that they weren't (or aren't) exactly in love with being pregnant. 

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