Pippa Middleton's Bridal Party Might Be the Cutest Ever

pippa middleton walking her dog
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With Pippa Middleton's wedding fast approaching, all the details are beginning to take shape. We've learned some delightful details about the May 20 ceremony, including who is in the bridal party. And as if there was any doubt, it's going to be royally adorable. 


We aren't quite certain that Kate Middleton will be her sister's matron of honor, though there are some saying that's a given; we've also heard that Kate fears her princess title will take away from the bride. Seems a ridiculous notion ... though remember how Pippa's backside did become one of the more memorable things from Kate's wedding to Prince William. (My how are we a strange society!) While Kate is royal, she is also very down-to-earth, so there is no doubt she is going to make sure her sister has the best wedding ever no matter what she has to do to make sure of that.

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Two royals have been confirmed to walk the aisle for the wedding of Pippa and James Matthews -- and they are Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Pippa's nephew and niece, and the adorable children of Will and Kate. Love! George takes on the duty of page boy and the almost 2-year-old Charlotte will be a bridesmaid. This much we know: St. Mark's Church in Englefield will be showcasing some of our very favorite royals in the cutest outfits. We cannot wait to see them!

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There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to Pippa's wedding. Kate and Pippa are really close, so we know this will be an incredible day for the Duchess of Cambridge to see her sister so happy and taking such a beautiful step in her relationship with James. We'll also get to see the love of Will and Kate, along with their kids. And we are really curious to see if Prince Harry will be there with his girlfriend Meghan Markle. But most of all ... we cannot wait to see Pippa's dress ... and Charlotte and George! 

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