Meghan Markle Has an Unlikely Ally Against 'Jealous' Half-Sister

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It's about damn time. Ever since Meghan Markle's relationship with Prince Harry was made public, the actress's half-sister Samantha Grant has been trying to trash her famous family member to the press. Grant has called Markle horrible names and has even promised to write a tell-all book about her, The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister, revealing all the "terrible" things her half-sister has done. But in a new plot twist, Grant's own daughter, Noel Rasmussen, has come forth and revealed that her mother's vendetta against Markle is simply motivated by "hate."


According to Rasmussen, who's estranged from her mother, Grant can't stand Markle and has been telling the rest of the family for years that she doesn't want her around. But once Markle started experience fame and success -- and especially once she started dating Harry -- it completely set her off.

"Of course my mother doesn't like Meghan. This she's told me starting from a very early age," Rasmussen told the Daily Mail. "She hasn't liked Meghan since essentially she was born. She's told me stories about how she didn't want her around and how she never asked for Meghan. She's just been overall jealous of Meghan as soon as she got famous. After however many years, she's just completely bashed Meghan, said the most horrible things about her to the entire family, and just been completely jealous of her. She hasn't shown her any type of love or appreciation unless she wants money. That's it."


Rasmussen also alleges that Grant was an abusive parent who beat her and pulled her out of school at 15. "I ended up bleeding and bruised a couple of times. It wasn't too often -- just a few," she told the outlet.

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From the sound of things, Rasmussen and Markle aren't very close these days, but she still wishes the best for her famous aunt. "I remember her being very friendly, very open. She's funny. I'm sure she will make Prince Harry happy and I hope he does the same for her because she's just such a wonderful woman," she said. 

At this point, it's impossible to know who's telling the truth and who's making things up, but one thing is certain: Markle must be incredibly grateful to Rasmussen for speaking out against her own mother. It's doubtful that many people believe Grant in the first place, but hearing Rasmussen's account of things makes her all the less credible -- and maybe it will shut her the hell up. 

Ignore the haters, Meghan. Focus on yourself -- and, you know, your prince. 

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