Caitlyn Jenner Finally Answers That One Question About Her Transition

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This is the first and last time she's going to address it. In Caitlyn Jenner's new memoir, she has finally decided to reveal that she's undergone gender reassignment surgery.


It's been nearly two years since Caitlyn came out as transgender during an interview with Diane Sawyer, and she just now revealed that she had the "final surgery" in January 2017. The I Am Cait star opened up about it in her memoir, The Secrets of My Life, which is due to hit shelves on April 25.

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The 67-year-old wrote, "I just want to have all the right parts. I am also tired of tucking the damn thing in all the time. The surgery was a success, and I feel not only wonderful, but liberated." She continued, "I am telling you because I believe in candor. So all of you can stop staring. You want to know, so now you know. Which is why this is the first time, and the last time, I will ever speak of it."

We love the way she's chosen to address this. It's totally a personal decision to reveal that information about her life and body, and we wouldn't blame her a bit if she chose never to reveal that fact to the public. Since she did decide to let us in on it, it's great that she was factual and able to have a sense of humor about it.

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That's not to say that she didn't take the procedure very, very seriously. Earlier in the book, she called it a "complex decision," and mentioned several health risks involved with the surgery. "So why even consider it?" she asked herself. "Because it's just a penis. It has no special gifts or use for me other than what I have said before, the ability to take a whiz in the woods."

Cait also shared that she's happy with her decision to live 100 percent as herself, biology and all. "I am going to have an enthusiasm for life that I have not had in 39 years since the Olympics, almost two thirds of my life," she confessed.

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