Meghan Markle May Be Giving Up One of Her Biggest Passions for Prince Harry

meghan markle
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For the last three years, Meghan Markle ran her inspirational lifestyle blog, The Tig. The site chronicled adventures in food, philanthropy, travel, and style and was a favorite by many. But the blog is now being shut down and has many of us questioning why. Does Prince Harry have anything to do with this?


One thing we know for sure is that Meghan is her own person -- even though she's dating Harry, she isn't letting him make her decisions. Still, we can't help but think No! Meg, no! Keep the blog!

However, she may be making some choices with the reality that she may become a princess ... and like any relationship, sometimes that comes with some sacrifices.

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This is her message on The Tig's Instagram.

The Tig instagram

And this is all that is left of the website. You can't click on anything -- all old content is gone. 

the tig
The Tig

We find the fact that all the old articles are gone a little surprising, but we will guess that she gained some potentially unwanted followers as a result of becoming more well-known due to who she is dating. Maybe things spiraled out of control? Maybe there was no issue like that and she just felt it was time to say good-bye to The Tig. Her fans, however, are really supportive. Some of them have even gone so far as to leave messages congratulating her about marriage, assuming that's why she pulled the plug. Do they know something we don't know?!

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We know that Harry and Meghan are getting serious and we are thrilled for them. And we know this doesn't mean good-bye forever from Meghan. Perhaps she has a new adventure she will take her fans on, and no matter what, it's clear she will keep on inspiring us. Maybe she'll start a new lifestyle blog with Kate Middleton. Fingers and toes crossed.

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