Kim Kardashian Blames Major Anxiety for Ditching Kanye West

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Too much, too soon. Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was jam-packed with drama and juicyness. There was the heart-to-heart Khloe Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner finally had; Kanye's upsetting breakdown; and of course the birth of Dream Kardashian. But the main focus of the episode was Kim's post-robbery anxiety and how it was affecting her life and relationships. 


As any Kardashian fan knows, after she was tied up and robbed in Paris, Kim kept a seriously low profile. Thus far on KUWTK, she's mostly remained at home with her family and children, but on the most recent episode, she decided to go to one of Kanye's concerts in an effort to support her man. 

Didn't go so great. 

During the show, Kim sat with a few of her close friends and her sister Kourtney, who appeared to be having the time of her life. Kim, though? Not so much. The mom of two attempted to keep a low profile during Kanye's concert, but not surprisingly, everyone around her was staring at her and a few people started snapping photos of Kim with their phones. Kim felt super uncomfortable and instead of enjoying the show with her family and friends, she left and watched from a screen backstage.

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In a confessional, Kim admitted that she was feeling way too scrutinized to enjoy herself. On the one hand, she worried that people would think she was out too soon after her robbery, but on the other, she worried that people would think she was super depressed if she wasn't dancing and smiling. It was a lose-lose for her. 

Sadly, not long after Kim left Kanye's concert, Kanye wound up having a breakdown himself. According to some, it was because the father of two was overworking himself, but according to others, the difficulties he and Kim were facing in their marriage played a role, as well. And this, of course, only contributed to Kim's anxiety even further. 

Of course, it's hard to say exactly what caused Kanye's hospitalization, but from all accounts, things are on the up and up with Kim and Kanye these days -- individually and as a couple. Hopefully, everything will stay this way for a while, because not only do they need each other more than ever, so do their adorable children. 

Stay strong, guys. The worst (hopefully) is behind you. 

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