Prince Charles Reveals His Biggest Pet Peeve About Prince William & Kate Middleton

kate middleton and prince william looking at each other
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Enough with the cheesing, guys. According to a report in Vogue, a new biography focusing on Prince Charles claims that the heir to the throne didn't like all the photo ops Prince William and Kate Middleton took advantage of during their first royal tour after their wedding. In fact, he found all the photos the duke and duchess posed for a few months after their nuptials downright tasteless. 


A little over two months after they tied the knot in April, Prince William and Kate Middleton embarked on their first official tour to Canada and then Los Angeles. During their trip, tons of pictures were taken of the glowing couple -- and not surprisingly, the world couldn't get enough. 

Well, save for Prince Charles, who apparently thought the couple went overboard with their cheesing.

In Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, author Sally Bedell Smith claims that the royal "wasn't pleased with the camera friendly couple" and he was "more than a little irked" with all of the photos of William and Kate. 

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At this point, it isn't clear as to exactly why the prince wasn't a fan of all the photos of the duke and duchess, but one thing is certain: The world definitely doesn't agree. Everyone loves a good photo collection of the royal family, next generation. Keep 'em coming. 

The biography also goes on to say that Prince Charles underwent 14 years of therapy as a means to deal with Princess Diana's emotional outbursts, which included her "suffering from insomnia, growing thinner by the day, and berating her new husband about his former mistress [Camilla Parker Bowles]."

It's doubtful that the royal family will be a fan of this biography, as so far, it doesn't exactly paint them in the best light. But, as with all things royal, the people will eat it up. 

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