Kylie Jenner Has Men Fighting for Her After 'Break' With Tyga


Kylie Jenner and Tyga haven't even officially broken up, and it looks as though other rappers are already vying for the vixen's attention. Kylie seems to be caught in a weird love triangle with two other rappers, 21 Savage and 22 Savage.


Yes, apparently 21 Savage and 22 Savage are different musicians. And the reports that they're fighting over the 19-year-old reality star are coming just days after her longtime love Tyga supposedly moved out of her $6 million mansion.

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The rumor is that Kylie and Tyga are just taking some space, but are still together. However, that's not stopping 22 Savage, who just dropped a love song by the name of "Kylie's Daddy." The track features teen sisters Iliana Eve and DJ Hannahbella, as well as singer Ziggy, and not so subtly disses Tyga.

One of the lyrics sung by Ziggy goes something like this, "I love Kylie now more than Miley / If I was gay I'd be in that girl and smiling / I love me some Kylie I'm not going to lie / She makes me reconsider liking guys."

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As for 22, he doesn't hold back while rapping about Tyga. "I love me some Kylie like that white girl love that molly / Tyga fall dead cuz I'm tryna be her daddy," he rapped. "I'm a young savage aka Kylie's daddy / Her booty's so big it make a n---a want to grab it."

Interestingly, this song hit just after another rapper, 21 Savage, admitted on camera that he's interested in the Lip Kit mogul. It looks like they're going to be fighting over more than just their similar names.

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