Joy-Anna Duggar Takes a Subtle Dig at Sister Jana's 'Old Maid' Status

Joy-Anna and Jana Duggar
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

It turns out that even the sweet Duggar sisters may be capable of being catty. In a recent interview with a few of Jim Bob and Michelle's female progeny, Joy-Anna Duggar seemed to throw some courtship shade in Jana's face.


Yup, apparently courtship shade is a thing. Of the older girls in the family, Jana is the eldest, but also the only one not married or engaged. Even 19-year-old Joy-Anna recently announced her engagement to Austin Forsyth.

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At 27, Jana is hardly an old maid by current cultural standards, but in her world, it's practically unheard of. She's definitely become an expert on patience and waiting, so she offered wisdom on that to Crown of Beauty, an online Christian magazine.

"I believe we all go through times of learning to be content wherever we are in life," Jana shared with the mag, according to The Hollywood Gossip. "Whether you are a young kid waiting to be finished with school, a young person waiting to get married, then once married, waiting to have a child, then waiting for your children to go up."

Learning to find happiness where you are in life instead of always thinking there's something better around the corner is definitely a good way to live. But we suppose that if you're a cocky little sister, you can't help but throw some subtle shade about your own love life when you get the chance.

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Joy-Anna chimed in about her own desires for the future and said, "Lord willing, [in five years] I will be married and a mother."

It's not like she added "Unlike Jana, who will never find a man" or anything, but come on. Jana said the best thing to do is live in the present, and Joy-Anna may as well have said, "Yeah, that's great when you have nothing to look forward to!"

Or, you know, she's still just a teenager and didn't think that one through before she said it out loud.

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