Jessa Duggar Sparks Controversy Over Baby Henry's Adorable 'Milestone'

Henry Wilberforce Seewald

Seriously? We think people need better things to worry about. After Jessa (Duggar) Seewald posted an adorable photo of baby Henry last weekend, some fans jumped on her for putting the infant in danger.


Jessa posted the sweet pic of her hubby Ben Seewald holding Henry up in a mock standing position on Instagram. She added the caption, "Ya know, a month old, and already takin' my first steps," and we're pretty sure she didn't think anyone would take it literally, considering that the little guy was just born in February.

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Henry Seewald

Regardless, people have to be judgy sometimes, so of course there were comments regarding Jessa's parenting skills. Some people pointed out that making such a small baby support his weight could lead to improper development in his legs.

One person wrote, "Too young to be letting him stand with his weight on his legs. That's not good." Another added, "Jesse shouldn't do that to her kid it wrong."

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Ugh, will the negativity never end? We highly doubt that posing for a quick pic like this is going to harm baby Henry in any way. If anything, he probably enjoys the bonding time with his parents. His dad is holding him. His mama is focused on him and taking his picture. His big brother Spurgeon may have been scooting around entertaining him.

Ben and Jessa are great parents to their two little boys. It's a shame that they can't even share an adorable picture of their son without getting slammed for it.

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