15 Times Prince George & Princess Charlotte Were the Bosses of Their Parents

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kate middleton and prince william with george and charlotte
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Prince William and Kate Middleton may technically have more power in the royal hierarchy than their kiddos, but let's face it -- Prince George and Princess Charlotte are really the ones in control. And how could they not be? As far as onlookers go, all eyes are always on the kids when Will and Kate have them in tow. And while they are clearly very well-behaved children, they've no doubt changed their parents' lifestyle just a tad.

And every once in a while, one of them sends out a reminder that despite being royal, they are just kids, and they certainly aren't above testing mum and dad's boundaries. George and Charlotte definitely have a mind of their own, and something tells us baby number three will be no different after he or she makes an entrance in April.

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From refusing to smile for photos to holding up entire processions, here are 15 times the littlest royals wielded the most power. Hmm. Wouldn't it be interesting to know what was going through Will and Kate's heads during these moments? Royal parents: They're just like us. (Or something like that.)

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