Princess Charlotte Gear Allows Every Kid to Dress Up Like a Royal

Princess Charlotte playing with balloons
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If you've ever wanted to feel like a princess, these accessories might bring you one step closer -- without putting too much pressure on your bespoke purse. Kensington Palace's gift shop introduced a collection inspired by Princess Charlotte and it's the kind of thing most little girls would adore.  


Any wannabe princess wouldn't leave home without her sparkly tiara. Check out this tiny knockoff, priced at just under $5. (But keep your glue gun handy; for that price, those purple stones will probably fall off before you exit the gift shop.)

princess tiara
Historic Royal Palaces

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Many women spend their whole lives dreaming of having their own line. Here, Charlotte has done it before her second birthday! But, would the little royal, who looks so much like her great-grandmother, approve of the collection? That's hard to say. But as the New York Post points out, there is definitely a "cheapo" quality to the items. Take, for example, the Princess Charlotte costume you can pair with this headgear.

princess outfit
Historic Royal Palaces

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At just under $44, you have to wonder if these will fly off the shelves or sit in the gift shop gathering dust. 

And, honestly, can you imagine the Duchess of Cambridge ever putting her little princess in such a garish frock -- even on Halloween? Doubtful.

Capitalizing on the popularity of the tiny princess in some ways makes sense. Of course kids everywhere love playing dress up, and you could do a lot worse than pretending to live in a castle. But when we think of the royals -- particularly style icon Kate Middleton -- these aren't the kind of duds that come to mind. Something tell us the duchess wasn't heavily involved in these designs -- particularly when it comes to this T-shirt.

Princess Charlotte shirt
Historic Royal Palaces
But if you're visiting London and don't feel like bringing home tiny replicas of Big Ben or those charming red telephone booths, the Princess Charlotte collection is definitely different! 

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