Beyonce Gives Us a Gift on Her Anniversary With a Peek Inside Her World

beyonce and jay z with eiffel tower
Some celebs make it their mission to reveal all the details of their private lives, while others cultivate an air of mystique and magic that keeps their fans forever wanting more. Beyonce definitely falls into the latter category, so when the queen deigns to give the rest of us mere mortals a glimpse into her real life, it's a pretty big deal -- and that's exactly what she did when she teased the brand-new video for the song "Die With You" on April 4 (in honor of her ninth anniversary with Jay Z, no less!).


Basically, the video (available by subscription on Tidal, but previewed on the site and by Bey herself on Insta) serves as gorgeous, elegant proof that Bey & Jay's love affair is still going strong, despite all the Lemonade/Becky-with-the-Good-Hair-fueled rumors that have plagued the couple. But in the process of affirming what some Beyhive members consider to be The Greatest Love Story of All Time, Beyonce also gives us a tantalizing peek behind the scenes of her carefully choreographed existence. Sure, we've seen some of these shots before, but others are brand-new -- and let's just say ... we are NOT disappointed. 

Like this shot of Blue Ivy giving her future twin siblings a lipsticked smooch -- it's so cute, we can't even handle it.

blue ivy kissing beyonce's bellybeyonce/Instagram

And this sweet mama and baby Blue moment!

beyonce and blue ivyBeyonce/

We're dying over this candid of the happy couple, which looks like it could have been taken at literally anybody's backyard barbecue.

Beyonce and Jay Z

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And this one, which basically sums up #relationshipgoals.


Wait a sec, this is #relationshipgoals, too.

Beyonce and Jay-Z wedding

These two can even make the process of getting tattoos seem sexy ...

beyonce iv tattoobeyonce/Instagram

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Of course, we're talking about their matching IV wedding tattoos.

beyonce wedding tattoobeyonce/Instagram

Here's Bey looking unimaginably glam in unimaginably glam surroundings:


Oh, and an unspeakably glam ring.

diamond ringbeyonce/Instagram

Though TBH, we sort of like Beyonce in her understated mode.


Actually, this might be the best Beyonce of all: in her element, at the piano, making magic.

Beyonce at pianoBeyonce/

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Ready for the real thing? Watch this preview:

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And the preview video from Tidal:

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