Brooklyn Beckham Steals His Dad's Ink for His First Tattoo

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Today in not-sure-how-to-feel-about-this news, David Beckham, onetime sexiest man in the world, now has a kid old enough to get a tattoo legally. Brooklyn Beckham turned 18 in early March, and Becks and Posh Spice's son is already taking after his dad in the body ink department ... literally.


Not only did he turn to his dad's tattoo artist to get the work done, but the teenager also went for exactly the same tattoo his dad sports on his torso -- although Brooklyn opted to have the image of a Native American man wearing a traditional headdress added to his forearm. As he said in one of the captions of the process on Instagram, it's "just like dads [sic]."

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Brooklyn Beckham arm tattoo

Considering Becks's first taste of ink came when he got his eldest son's name and birth year added to his lower back, it seems only fitting that Brooklyn would honor his dad with his first art. But let's face it ... not a lot of teenagers are thinking of their parents when they decide to get a tattoo. Well, maybe they are, but it's usually more in the "Uh oh, what's Mom/Dad going to say when they find out?" vein rather than finding a way to pay true tribute to their parents. 

Honoured to have my first tattoo done by dads friend Mark Mahoney

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This isn't the first time Brooklyn's taken a page out of his dad's stylebook. Despite being at an age when kids tend to run from anything associated with their parents, the teen's been spotted wearing dad's clothes in the past and rocking a similar hairstyle.  

Now he's gone for something a little more permanent, another sweet sign that the soccer player has done a few things right as a dad, enough that his relationship with his teenage son appears to be the envy of many a parent and teenager around the world. 

The teen is taking some heat for the choice, with some folks pointing out that the Native American imagery amounts to cultural appropriation as the Beckhams are not Native American. It's certainly not something to gloss over, but there's no telling whether Brooklyn, who isn't American and is still just a kid, knew it could be controversial. If he didn't, here's hoping he learns something from the comments. 

And he's got plenty of other ink on Dad's body to choose from for tattoo number two! 

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