All the Times Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Were Obviously Not Dating

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
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Have you ever been around two friends who conveniently show up to an event at the same time "by happenstance" before slipping out together -- and swear up and down they're not romantically linked? Or what about the buds who you never knew were super tight but seem to spend a considerable amount of alone time together ... in the name of "friendship"? At the end of the day, folks are going to do what they want to do (obvi), though we hope no one feels the need to duck and dodge anyone so they can live in their truth unashamed. And that brings us to Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. The two were reportedly spotted on a recent date together that has us wanting to clap in excitement ... even though their reps have said in the past they aren't a thing.


In another episode of You Decide If the Writing on the Wall Means They're Dating, a photo of what looks to be Holmes and Foxx dining together in New York City on April 2 -- shared by blog Fameolous -- has made the Internet rounds. It could be a friendly outing ... or a romantic rendezvous between these two possible love birds. 

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Though it's easy to point out Katie, E! News seems to confirm she's with Jamie, as the Academy Award winner shared an Instagram photo hours later in which he's wearing the same hat and glasses.

Jamie Foxx


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If you're unfamiliar with the speculation, just know this is nothing new. Jamie and Katie have been dodging dating rumors for many years now better than Neo dodged bullets in The Matrix.

... And yet, we keep coming back to their possibly being an item.

After the two were spotted dancing the night away at a charity event back in 2013, outlets continued to report Holmes and Foxx were more than just friends -- with Us Weekly delivering what could be considered the receipt of all receipts with this 2015 grainy photo of Holmes and Foxx holding hands and looking very comfortable together inside a recording studio.

(Those are some #FriendshipGoals right there.)

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Foxx's gal pal Claudia Jordan certainly hasn't helped things, as the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star once confirmed Holmes and Foxx are an item. "He is very happy with her," Jordan revealed during a 2016 interview on the Alledgedly podcast. "I like that he seems very happy."

Tea served, right?

Apparently not, as Claudia Jordan soon retracted her Jamie Foxx–Katie Holmes dating statement, telling Entertainment Tonight at the time, "I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all."

Fast-forward to news that Holmes and Foxx allegedly welcomed 2017 together in Miami ... along with this new dinner pic ... and "sources" saying left and right they're dating ... while reps deny they're an item ... as reports say that Holmes agreed to not publicly date anyone for five years in her divorce agreement to Tom Cruise (if that's true, this year marks the end of that crazy five-year clause) ... and there you have it.

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Honestly, who knows if these two are just really good friends or more than friends. And if they're together, we'll likely never know, as Jamie Foxx once told Entertainment Tonight, "If I do fall in love with somebody, you will never know about it."

Katie and Jamie's relationship (whatever it is) is their business ... but there's nothing wrong with giving a thumbs-up to two individuals who you think are awesome and hope are dating 'cause they make a cute couple.

Feel free to call me should y'all ever come to my neck of the woods. We can double date. I won't say anything -- I promise.

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