Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Take Heat for Archaic View of Sex in Marriage

Jim Bob and Michelle

It's no secret that the Duggars have encouraged Anna to stay with Josh, even after he almost single-handedly destroyed the family's livelihood after his multiple sex scandals in 2015. But are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar actually blaming Anna for their son's indiscretions?


Jim Bob and Michelle have spoken at a lot of marriage retreats, and have often highlighted the importance of God-sanctioned sex in marriage. Which we don't tend to disagree with (sex is awesome for bonding -- and also just plain awesome); however, Michelle's take on it always has us scratching our heads a little. 

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According to The Hollywood Gossip, a pastor by the name of Kenny Baston addressed his congregation about the Duggars' sex advice in a recently uploaded video. The Colorado-based preacher shared:

At the marriage retreat -- Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar helped us do it, and at the end of it, they were getting ready to go home, and Jim Bob caught me out in the hall and says, 'You know what,' he says, 'I have to go back in here and do a little more teaching.'

What they talked about was this matter right here. Intimacy in marriage. And Michelle said something that I'd never thought, I mean I knew of it but I never thought like she put it.

She said 'Ladies, your husband can get his laundry done by other women, he can have his meal cooked by other women, he can have all kinds of things done for him by other women, but there's only one woman who can meet that strong need he has that God put in him, and it's you. Only you, lady.'

Baston took it a step further however, when he added, "It is one of the greatest sins of women today, is a self-centered narcissistic view of how they are to have control of their bodies. The Bible says your body is not your own, sister. It is your husband's."

Just ... wow. So a woman is "self-centered" and "narcissistic" if she doesn't have sex whenever, however, and wherever her husband wants? What if she's married to a sex addict? The Duggars never revealed specifically that Josh suffered from sex addiction, but they did send him to a faith-based rehab center for seven months following the revelation that he had cheated on Anna.

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Granted, it wasn't Jim and Michelle who said this, but given that they've advocated many times for husbands to have free access to their wife's body at any point, they'd be wise to make a statement saying that they don't blame Anna for Josh's infidelity in any way, shape, or form. Otherwise their silence on the matter makes it seem as though they might believe it's somehow her fault.

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