This Man's 'John Stamos Problem' Leads to Priceless Wedding Proposal

John Stamos
Melanie Catalano/Splash NewsAs an actor who's been winning fans over for decades, John Stamos has no doubt fielded his share of fan requests. But we can't imagine any have been quite so unusual as the one made by Doug Cox, a San Fransisco–based writer and editor who sought the actor's help in proposing to his girlfriend (who may or may not be the world's biggest Stamos fan).


Cox's girlfriend, Katrina Firenze, is really, really into John Stamos. And we don't just mean she had an Uncle Jesse poster on her bedroom wall in middle school. We mean she actually has framed photos of Stamos on her wall, now, in her actual adult home.

Knowing all about her obsession, Cox figured an endorsement from the long-standing object of Firenze's affection would all but guarantee a positive answer to his proposal -- and, even though he called it a "shot in the dark," he wrote Stamos an email asking for his help (addressing what Cox has hilariously chronicled in his video "The John Stamos Problem"). 

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"You see, John, my girlfriend has a John Stamos problem," he wrote. "Therefore ... I have a John Stamos problem."

He continued, "I want to marry this woman. But there is a brick wall in the way that resembles a six-foot-tall Greek god with better hair than me. And John, I have fantastic hair."

"Your photo has been on my living room wall for three years now," he wrote. "You're in my home, John. We own the original Full House board game ... and we play it."

Doug Cox and John Stamos
Doug Cox/Facebook

"The way I see it, if you won't marry her, please at least ask her to marry me ... I have invested three years of my life without so much as an eye roll when she talks about you. Dude ... you owe me."

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Cox was hoping that Stamos would send a signed photo asking Firenze to marry him (Cox, that is, not Stamos) -- but, good old Uncle Jesse did him one better and made a video. Of course, Cox then filmed his girlfriend's reaction to the video. 

John Stamos proposal video
Doug Cox / Facebook

Naturally, Stamos is just as funny and charming and amazing in his video as you'd expect, and his reasons for why Firenze should say yes were actually quite sound.

"From what I see here ... you're a handsome man, you have nice hair, good beard, got beautiful blue eyes. Katrina, I would say yes to this," he said. "If I was a woman, and I'm not saying I'm not, I would say yes to Doug. So I guess this is me asking you to marry him. And I hope you do."

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How could anyone say no to that?! Firenze couldn't, of course -- even though she was taken completely by surprise. Just look at her happy face!

Katrina FirenzeDoug Cox / Facebook

Here's exactly how the one-of-a-kind proposal went down:


Have mercy, indeed! Clearly, John Stamos is just going to be a permanent part of this couple's lives ... which isn't necessarily a bad thing. And it's undeniably sweet that Cox was big enough to include Firenze's celeb crush in his proposal (let's face it, some men might be intimidated!). Clearly these two have a bond that goes beyond petty jealousy over TV stars. 

Here's hoping John Stamos officiates the wedding! Because that would be marvelous ... simply marvelous.

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