Blac Chyna Gets a Firm Reminder That She'll Never Be a True Kardashian

kardashian sisters
Jackson Lee/Splash News

Chyna? Y'burnt! After a strong push to use the Kardashian name, Blac Chyna has officially been blocked from using "Kardashian" to promote herself, her business, and her merch. Soz, Chyna. Looks like you're Blac Chyna for life. 


Not long into her relationship with Rob Kardashian, it was made apparent that she wanted to trademark the name Angela Renée Kardashian -- for obvious reasons: The Kardashian name makes bank. But! As soon as Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe (and Kris Jenner) got wind of Chyna's plans, they put forth a legal plan to put the kibosh on it. And, not surprisingly, they won. 

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Chyna assumed that she'd be able to use the Kardashian name after she married Rob, because, technically, she'd be a Kardashian. But, understandably, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe filed legal docs, stating that it would create confusion in the marketplace -- which it would.

Since the Kardashian sisters' victory, Chyna, who's reportedly not even with Rob anymore, hasn't retaliated and it seems like she's done fighting. According to sources, even if Rob and Chyna do reconcile and wind up getting married, she still won't be able to use his last name professionally. 

As soon as they got together, people were suspicious of Chyna's intentions with Rob -- after all, she had serious beef with Kylie Jenner, who's dating her baby daddy Tyga. However, Chyna and Rob wound up staying together longer than anyone thought. But. When Chyna started petitioning to use the Kardashian name, people grew suspicious again. If she really loved Rob, why was it so important for her to use the Kardashian name?

Chyna's legal battle is officially done, so it will be interesting to see what happens with her and Rob. On the one hand, their relationship has been nothing but tumultuous thus far, but on the other, it would be super vindicating for her to stick with him, despite not being able to hawk perfumes, lip glosses, and sweatsuits as Angela Renée Kardashian. We'll see. 

For now, the world can take solace in the fact that Kourt, Kim, and Khloe are resting easy at night, knowing that they're the only ones who can pimp products with their birthname. A Kardashian flat iron wouldn't be the the same if Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe weren't attached to it.

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