Kim Kardashian Responds to Rumors That She Was Attacked in LA

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Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

Everyone exhale. Kim Kardashian is okay. On Sunday evening, as she was departing Mr. Chow after the Fashion Los Angeles Awards, a man bumped into Kim, and, not surprisingly, it quickly spiraled into a tale of Kim Kardashian Being Attacked. Kim understandably appeared to be surprised when the passerby rammed into her, but she's fine and she wasn't, technically speaking, "attacked."


Photographers captured the incident and Kim certainly appears to be taken aback by the man, who may or may not have bumped into her on purpose. But it ended there, guys. 

Afterwards, Kim -- not surprisingly -- had to deny the fact that she was attacked in Los Angeles. "So @JonathanCheban just called me & asked if I was ok & read online I was attacked outside of Mr. Chow," she wrote on Twitter. "Totally not true! Such weird rumors."

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According to a source, Kim was "shocked" by the encounter, but apparently one of her bodyguards quickly stepped in and made sure she was safe. The man was "let go" because he simply happened to be walking by Kim.

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Ever since Kim was attacked in Paris, everyone has been on high alert with the mom of two. It's understandable that people are reading into things since her horrifying hotel ordeal, but most of the time, things aren't what they seem -- aka, this was just an inconsiderate dude walking by. 

Thankfully, Kim is okay and no one tried to harm her. After what she went through in October, she has enough traumatic memories to last her a lifetime. 

Watch where you're going, buddy. 

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