Here's the Truth About Whether Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Really Happy Together

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Fame and long distance are two complicating factors that could make any relationship seem like a challenge. But rather than being put off by those potential deal-breakers, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are "deeply happy" -- how could they not be? 


There's nothing like falling in love to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step!

A source told People that even with the stresses of having to fly back and forth to see each other and being the constant objects of speculation and interest from the world at large, the lovebirds are simply blissful. 

"Despite the distance, the media attention and everything else, there's a real ease to their relationship. It just works. They are deeply happy," the source said.

From the pics we've seen of the prince and the actress strolling through London and attending a wedding in Jamaica, they certainly seem quite cozy.

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The source explained why the dashing royal is most likely smitten with the stunning Suits star, noting, "She is incredibly cool and down to earth. She has a wonderful warmth to her and a bright smile. It's very easy to see why Harry was so drawn to her."

The prince, who lost his mom -- dubbed the "People's Princess" -- at such a young age, truly deserves to be happy, and if Markle is the gal to bring him joy, good for them both! 

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Still, going from a small bit of fame for her USA network TV show to being thrust into the spotlight couldn't have been easy for the Los Angeles native. But her BFF, Lindsay Roth, thinks she's managed it all like a champ.

"We should all strive to handle the ups and downs of our lives as gracefully, smartly, elegantly, positively, realistically and graciously as Meg has. I may be biased, but she deserves everything in the world," said Roth, according to People.

That's nice to hear. We've seen Markle share photos of her humanitarian work, and they looks strikingly similar to Prince Harry's. 

Prince Harry charitable work
Check out the similarity.

Meghan Markle charity work
Having shared values and goals goes a long way toward creating a strong bond. We look forward to seeing what lies ahead for this couple!

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