Blac Chyna's Rant Against Tyga Is Truly One for the Ages

blac chyna
Jackson Lee/Splash News

Tell us how you really feel. Early morning Wednesday, Blac Chyna went on a rant against Tyga, the father of her 4-year-old son King Cairo. In the rant, which she posted on Snapchat, Chyna slammed her "bitch" of an ex for failing to pay child support, among other things. Chyna has gone on some rants before, but this one was pretty exceptional. 


"It’s funny now to me!!! But when Tyga and side n---a kicked me out!!! And they wanted to see me fail! lol And 2 grind from the dirt!!!!!! No child support!" the mom of two started off. "N---a is like hoes! So imma treat u like that! Not paying Jenny! Wow. Stop running to ur money!"

Chyna then alluded to the fact that, despite Tyga's flashy ways, she has more money in her bank account than he does. She also called him by his real name, Michael, to really drive her point home. "I bet any money! I got more money then ur account Tyga, Michael!!!" the Lashed Bar owner wrote. "So go tell Kylie and Rob! About our son Account! Cause that's the only reason I'm contacting your f--a--! But u wanna make it like I want u lol! Tyga ur a bitch! And you can go get ur mom, or ur bitch! Lol!!! Or ur n---a u f--kin or Terrell or heather!" At one point, Chyna even appeared to add Tyga's home address. 

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According to TMZ, Chyna is pissed because she heard that Tyga is telling people that she wants to make up with him -- and maybe even give their relationship a second chance. The person who supposedly told her this info? Rob Kardashian.

Evidently, Rob and Tyga have gotten chummy ever since Chyna and Rob broke up. Tyga apparently misinterpreted Chyna's actions recently when she reached out to him to demand she pay one of King's nannies -- something she normally doesn't do. Tyga then told Rob, and, well, you get the rest. 

From the sound of things, Rob is talking out of both sides of his mouth. On the one hand, he's still close with Chyna and seems to want to make things right with her. But on the other, he's now striking up a friendship with Tyga -- a friendship that apparently involves talking about their mutual ex. 

Both Rob and Tyga would be wise to treat Chyna with respect and say anything and everything to her face. Because, as history has proved countless times, if she gets wind of anyone disrespecting her, she's going to destroy them on social media. 

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