18 Times Meghan Markle's Killer Legs Made Us Do a Double Take

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It's no question that Meghan Markle likely captured Prince Harry's heart because she's smart, talented, and an inspiring humanitarian. But let's face it ... the woman's got killer legs to boot. We don't know what kind of exercises and training she does, but whatever it is, keep doing it, Meghan! It's hard to achieve perfectly toned and slim legs, but leave it to the Duchess of Sussex to find a way to make unachievable stems achievable. If only. 

Kate Middleton certainly has one heck of a pair of pins on her, but the newest member of the royal family definitely is giving her a run for her money. Before she was part of the royal family, Meghan loved showing off her beautiful legs. She wore everything from short and tight dresses to cute shorts. With a body like hers, anything looks great!

However, now that she has the queen watching over her every move, Meghan has had to dress a little bit more conservatively than she used to. This doesn't mean that she doesn't look as fashionable as heck; it just requires some slight adjustments. 

Now that our dear Meghan is showing a little less leg than in her past, let's take some time to appreciate all the moments she did put those stems on display. Here are 17 photos of Meghan Markle's stems that will make you do a double take.

Give us the name of your trainer, Meg?

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