Duggar Family Slowly Reintroduces Josh to the Public Eye

Josh Duggar

Now that he's apparently completely back in the family fold, is Josh Duggar making a return to the spotlight? Days after Josh and Anna announced that they are expecting their fifth child together, Josh was photographed on a family vacation like it was no big deal.


It looks like most of the Duggar crew headed to the Ark Encounter in Grant County, Kentucky, because let's be honest -- a Christian fundamentalist theme park sounds right up their alley.

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They posted a picture on their official Facebook page, and Josh is front and center. Don't miss him -- he's the guy in the red ball cap.

Duggar Family Official/Facebook

The family wrote in a post about the trip, "Our family looked at the life of Noah and saw how the righteousness and obedience of one man's life spared all of humanity." Thankfully, we didn't depend on Josh's righteousness to save humanity, because he done messed up big-time.

It's been nearly two years since Josh admitted that he had molested four of his sisters plus a babysitter as a young team, but the family has obviously forgiven him and are trying to move on.

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But are they trying to get the rest of us to move on too, by casually posting group photos that include him? Now that he and Anna are expecting another baby boy soon, we care more about her well-being than anything else. If having him included in family outings and photos is important to her, than so be it.

We still think it's a wise idea for TLC to keep him off the air for Counting On, though. Just putting that out there.

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