15 Celeb Parents Reveal Their Kids' First Words -- & Some Are Real Doozies

Alaisha Key | Apr 5, 2017 Celebrities
15 Celeb Parents Reveal Their Kids' First Words -- & Some Are Real Doozies

Drew Barrymore with kids

For parents, there's nothing more exciting than hearing their baby speak his or her first words. But let's get real -- all moms and dads want that very first one to be either "mama" or "dada." Though, no matter how many times we sneak around our partner and sound out those coveted words and point to ourselves, it's clear that kids have a mind -- and a mouth -- of their own. No bribes or incentives can trick a child into saying our "mama" first! 

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Mastering language is a hard skill for any baby to learn, and celebrities aren't any better off than the rest of us when it comes to waiting for their kids to utter those first, fateful sounds. We can just imagine Gwyneth Paltrow trying to bribe her daughter Apple to get her to speak! We won't spoil which celebrity child's first word was a certain curse word that begins with s. And, of course, kids sometimes just say the darndest things. Hey, their parents may be famous, but they still need to learn to talk like the rest of us! 

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From super sweet to kinda wacky, we've rounded up some of the first words of our favorite celebrities' little ones. We guarantee some of these will be very surprising.

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