Josh Duggar's Net Worth Is a Lot More Than We Expected

Josh and Anna Duggar

Just two years ago, he was an up-and-comer in conservative politics in Washington, DC, and now he's selling used cars in Arkansas. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Even so, it seems as though Josh Duggar is still doing pretty well for himself.


Since returning to the Duggar homestead over a year ago after seven months in rehab for alleged sex addiction, Josh has been supporting his wife Anna and their children by working for the family's auto business.

According to a Duggar family insider, they've expanded their vehicle empire to a second location. "Josh's new car lot is up and running," the source wrote on the Duggar Family News Facebook page.

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It's a far cry from the fast-paced life and excitement he experienced in the nation's capital, but at least it's more likely that he's staying faithful to Anna. And with baby number five on the way (because that is for sure happening), he's keeping his family afloat.

It's estimated that Josh Duggar's net worth is roughly $200,000, once you include all of his assets. That's a pretty good chunk of change, considering that he's not yet 30, and he's not personally seeing a dime from TLC, since they've gone out of their way to exclude him while filming Counting On.

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Of course that may not last long, when you consider that he has five children to support now, and he was just served papers for a lawsuit involving his cheating scandal. Lawyers can blow through your life savings awfully fast, is all we're saying.

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