Kim Kardashian Sparks Rumors That She's Preparing for Life Without Kanye West

kim kardashian
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Watch out, Kanye! When Kim Kardashian first returned to the public eye after her post-Paris robbery hiatus, she seemed much more subdued. From her social media posts to the clothing that she was wearing, the flashy Kim we all know and love was replaced with a more family-oriented, athleisure-wearing gal. But no more. According to a new report, Kim is determined to get in amazing shape and show off her bod more than ever -- because she's gearing up for life without Kanye. 


"She's got a dark ulterior motive for getting into such tip-top shape -- for life after Kanye West!" a source told Radar. "Kim isn't taking any chances and wants to look as sexy as possible in case she's back on the singles scene and Kanye doesn't come through with his promises."

Case in point:

kim kardashian

Apparently, working out has been a form of therapy for Kim after her robbery and she's proud of what it's done for her already-amazing body. 

More from CafeMom:

While it's great that Kim has found a physical outlet for some of her anxiety and fear, it's slightly disconcerting that she may be thinking about life without her husband. Of course, ever since the robbery and Kanye's hospitalization happened, there's been talk of there being trouble in the paradise that is known as Kimye. We've heard countless reports of potential splits, but after everything was said and done, Kim and Kanye were still together and seem to be better than ever -- on social media and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, at least. To hear that they may split up now, after everything they've been through, is just sad. 

Kim has never needed an excuse to get into amazing shape in the past, so hopefully this time is no different. There's a million men in this world who would die to be with Kim Kardashian -- and her famous body -- but come on, people, none of them are Kanye. 

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