18 Celebs Rocking Short Hairstyles You'll Wanna Steal RN

Anne Meadows | Apr 12, 2017 Celebrities

@ParisaMichelle/Splash News

It's true, you don't have to be a mom of young children to rock an angled bob or pixie cut. It's just a happy coincidence that these carefree styles happen to pair well with a hasty comb-out, a random splattering of spit-up, and a couple days' accumulation of natural oils.


Many celebs, including star mamas like Olivia Wilde, have been going for shorter styles -- and not just after unfortunate chewing gum accidents. And, while we don't know what prompted Selena Gomez to make the cut, she is the latest star who recently majorly chopped her long dark hair for a messy chin-length look that is totally cool.

These cute cropped looks are easy to maintain, perfect for spring, and range from sweet to seriously sexy. Lucky for us, there are plenty of great cuts trending right now worth trying out.

Get ready to put your ears on show, ladies! 

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